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Refinancing your home loan can be a good idea for homeowners who

  • want to get out of a high interest rate loan to take advantage of lower rates. This is a good idea only if they intend to stay in the house long enough to make the additional fees worthwhile.    

  • have an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and want a fixed-rate loan to have the certainty of knowing exactly what the mortgage payment will be for the life of the loan.    

  • want to convert to an ARM with a lower interest rate or more protective features (such as a better rate and payment caps) than the ARM they currently have.

  • want to build up equity more quickly by converting to a loan with a shorter term.

  • want to draw on the equity built up in their house to get cash for a major purchase, debt consolidation, home improvements or for their children's education.

This is a good place to start if you are looking to refinance, get  a home equity loan, home improvement loan, or debt consolidation loan.  From here you can click to apply or look at some of the information related to the type of loan you need.


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