Bi-Weekly Program..

We have an alliance with one of the leaders in Bi Weekly Mortgage programs, Mortgage Saver.

With Mortgage Saver, your payments are made electronically, so you will never 
have to write a check to your mortgage company again!. Every other Friday,
Mortgage Saver will automatically debit one-half of your mortgage payment from
the account you designate.

By paying half of your mortgage payment every two weeks, instead of once a
month, you will make one extra payment over the course of a year. In fact, you
will make an additional half payment every six months. this reduces the principle
faster, which will shortens your mortgage by 8 to 10 years AND saves thousands 
of dollars in interest!

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We guarantee our services!

We guarantee that your funds debited from your account will be placed in an FDIC Insurance bank account, and that these funds cannot be withdrawn for any reason other than to pay your mortgage.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may cancel your account in writing. Furthermore, if you incur any merchant or lender fees due to our error, we will either get the charge reversed or pay the fee ($50 maximum).

Mortgage Saver's Internet Privacy Policy 

Your privacy and confidentiality is of the up most importance to us at Mortgage
Saver. We have initiated several steps to insure that your privacy is protected. Our
On-Line application form and Mortgage comparison is protected by secure server.
All the information entered on our web site cannot be transferred or taken from 
our server and  that information is protected by our Internal Privacy Policy. As a
Nationwide Leader of payment processing we are regulated by the same laws that
that effect banks and Savings and Loans. Those laws protect you, the consumer,
from shared information unless we have informed you, been authorized by you, or
required by Law.








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