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Home Improvement Loans (also called Home Equity Loans) are an important financial investment: they provide a better living environment and also can add to your property's value: If you choose to apply for one of these loans, you can remodel your kitchen or bathrooms, put in a spare bedroom or maybe a jacuzzi in your backyard; the list is endless and the choice is yours! Some important ideas to remember:

  • Hire a licensed contractor; they will know local building codes, zoning and permit issues and can save you money in the long run (in addition to providing quality work that will add to the value of your home!).
  • Try the National Association of Remodeling website; it also has excellent related articles.
  • Get a second (or maybe even third) opinion! Make sure that the person doing the work is getting a fair price, but is not overcharging you. Consult a realtor to find out the long term implications You may think that adding a second guest house in the backyard is a good idea, but if it would make it difficult to sell your home, you might want to make another choice in how you spend your hard earned money!
  • Think about buying energy-efficient models when replacing appliances, . You can get more information on this at www.energystar.gov







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