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100 Questions and Answers About Buying A New Home.  This great guide focuses on finances-from how much home you can afford, to various loan programs, insurance taxes, etc. 40 pp. (1998. HUD) 634F. Free Online

Buying Your Home: Settlement Costs and Helpful Information. Describes the home buying, financing, and settlement (closing) process. Helpful tips on shopping for a loan with worksheets to calculate and compare closing costs. 35 pp. (1997. HUD) 121F.  Free Online

Consumer Handbook On Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Basic features, advantages, risks, and terminology associated with adjustable rate mortgages. Explains how ARM's work, how to reduce your risk, and more. Includes a table for comparing mortgages. 25 pp. (1990. FRB) 329E.  Free Online

Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Lock-Ins. Basic information to help you obtain the terms of credit you really want. Lists questions to ask when shopping for a mortgage. 14 pp. (1995. FRB) 336F.   Free Online

Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Refinancings. Is refinancing beneficial to you? Learn the costs and how to tell if the time is right. 8 pp. (1996. FRB) 337F.   Free Online

Home Buyer's Vocabulary. Defines common words and terms used in the real estate world. Especially useful for the first time buyer. 14 pp. (1987. HUD) 114E.   Free Online

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