Thank You! Please Print this Checklist.

To process your loan as quickly as possible, we will need the following documents:

Document Checklist

All Loans:


Copies of previous two years W-2 forms for all jobs


Copy of the two most recent pay stubs


Executed sales contract signed by Buyers and Sellers (if this is a purchase)


Name, address, and telephone number of all employers for past 24 months


Copies of your last three months bank statements including checking, savings account(s), money market etc.


The most recent statement for any Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, IRAs, Thrift Savings Plans (TSP), Retirement Accounts etc.


If you are currently renting, provide either the name and address of your landlord(s) covering the past 24 months or 12 months of canceled rent checks

If you are self-employed or paid by commission:


Previous two years Federal Income tax returns with all schedules


Previous two years Business tax returns complete with all schedules (for self employed)


Year-to-date profit and loss statement. (for self employed).  This may be unaudited

If you have filed bankruptcy in the last seven years:


Copy of the bankruptcy papers including all schedules and the "Discharge of Bankruptcy".


A list of any credit obtained since the bankruptcy

If you own other properties:


Address of the properties and current market value.


Any debt owed on properties, Lender's name, address, account number, monthly payment, and current balance.


If rented, a copy of the current lease(s).

If you will be using Child Support/Alimony income to qualify or are obligated to pay Alimony or Child Support:


Copy of the Divorce Decree and Property Settlement

If you are refinancing:


Copy of the Warrenty Deed to your property


Copy of your Title Insurance Policy


Contact name and telephone number of your Homeowners and Flood Insurance Agent


Copy of Your Survey

For 2nd Mortgages/Home Equity Loans:


Copy of your 1st mortgage and note


Copy of the Deed to your Property (note: NOT the "Deed of Trust")


Copy of your Homeowners & Flood  Insurance policys - (coverage page(s) only)

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