For Sale By Owner

Selling a home "For Sale By Owner" or FSBO for short, can be a very rewarding or difficult experience.  Selling in a Buyers' market is much more demanding than selling your home in a sellers' market.  If you have decided to try the for sale by owner method we would love to help you sell your home.  That is why we offer you a free service that will help you sell your home quickly with or without an agent.

Some of the important skills real estate agents offer are home selling and marketing experience and know how.  We will assist you with some of the tools and information that will help you make your FSBO a success.

House payment flyers

You have probably seen these in homes for sale before.  The flyer details what the monthly payments would be on the home with varying types of financing.

Free online buyer evaluations

Your prospective buyers can receive a free pre qualification from one of our loan specialist.  They can also apply online for the loan to buy your home anytime 24 hours a day.  

Free referrals of prospective buyers

We will notify any of our already pre approved buyers that your house is available.  You would receive free, pre screened, pre approved buyers who are interested in your home.

Free assistance structuring your transaction

We are not providing legal advice or practicing real estate law or brokerage services.   We will show you how to make the most appealing offer to your prospective buyer and help you understand how you can sell your home quickly and still get market value for your home.

Since there are more homes for sale than buyers in a buyers' market, homes may not sell quickly and sell for lower prices than they normally would. Sellers Watching their home sitting on the market for longer than they want are generally motivated to sell.  Because of this you must give more value or flexibility to your offer.  You might consider some good concessions for your buyer and still sell your new home for the right price.

Free advertising and marketing information to registered users.


Hire a real estate agent?

Most people who use these tools will show their home themselves prior to considering hiring a real estate agent.  We believe that agents can add considerable value in many circumstances and believe you are the only one able to determine if you should use an agent yourself.  

If you decide to use a real estate agent, find an agent that specializes in the area you live in and the type of home you own. Real estate agents have niches, usually they focus on a particular area of town. Ask around and find out who is the specialist in the neighborhood you live in.

Make Your Offer the Most Attractive.

Make it clear that you are ready to be flexible in the terms of the sale.  Your goal is to move toward closing.  Closing is what counts.

Potential deal concessions

You should consider one or more of these concessions.

  • Paying your buyers' closing costs. 
  • Making a small second mortgage to your buyer if they are short on downpayment or unable to qualify for a higher loan to value loan.  Getting a small second note is better than cutting your price deeply to sell the home.
  • Offering a redecorating allowance for new carpet, wallpaper, appliances, etc.
  • Being flexible on closing and move in dates.

Extra value for you

If you advertise your home for sale and we provide the loan for your purchaser, we will pay your actual advertising costs*  That's right, you get free tools, free assistance free flyers, free evaluations, free referrals and we pay you when you sell your home.  

Register now or inquire  to learn more about how we help you sell your home faster.


*This offer is void where prohibited by law and applies only to registered users in our service    area.  Advertising reimbursement is limited to actual costs, with a maximum reimbursement of $400 or 1/2% of the loan amount we provide, whichever is less.  You must send a copy of your bill from the advertising source to us.  You are not eligible for the reimbursement if a buyer we refer to you purchases your home.  Flyer originals will be supplied, you are responsible for printing or copying additional copies.








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